Will repellents get a rodent out of the attic?

As much as we'd like to believe that rodent-repellents could be the answer to our problem, unfortunately it's not always the case. The use of repellents will only help temporarily unlike when one really does something about their attic or get the rodent out completely. Oftentimes, using repellents would only lead to another problem if not making it worse. Here's why.

Familiarity breeds contempt
Some rodents (e.g. mice) can easily get used to how these repellents actually work. The moment they find comfort up in the attic, it would be harder to get rid of them. The mere use of sound deterrent devices, peppermints and mothballs are not as effective as using a trap or putting poison over their food. But like we said earlier, doing-it-yourself could lead to more serious problem.

• Mice would eventually go back once they get used to the smell of mothball and peppermint repellent solutions
• Ultrasonic devices still require maintenance (e.g. periodic battery replacement) to keep it working all the time

What leads people to find another way?
As a result, most people trying to get rid of mice (by trying different sorts of repellents) only end up throwing their money out of the window. Not only their money is wasted but also all the efforts of setting up everything in place would seem useless.

• Proper elimination involves a better understanding of the cause
• Once the causes are identified (e.g. holes in the attic, opening, leftovers in the kitchen etc.) then it would be easier to go over the next step
• A pest removal expert certainly knows the drill when it comes to getting a rodent out of the attic and stops it from coming back

A better understanding
Like most people, it comes as no surprise how you'd want to try your hand on newly invented repellents just to prove if something really works. Instead of wasting your money, maybe you should try considering these first;

• Check for gaps and holes around the roof lines, the water pipe connecting to the attic and also the section where the electrical wirings are located
• Cover all the gaps, holes and install a wire mesh over the air vents
• Find the trailways and setup your own trap along with its bait
• Maintain cleanliness of the surrounding by getting rid of droppings and also the odor

Final thoughts
Not all rodent-related cases involve just the pesky rats. There could be a squirrel, a vole or a gopher in the attic that requires proper turn-over to the wildlife authorities

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Will repellents get a rodent out of the attic?

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