What to do about a rodent on the roof

Usually attic and roof are the most favorite places of rodents when they build nests and stay in the houses. It is really alarming if you have spotted a rodent or more than one rodent in the roof of your house. Basically removing the rodents from attic is not an easy task. This is even more difficult if there is more than one rodent in the roof and this surely means that there is a nest of rodents built in the inner side of the roof. However controlling the population of rodents at the right time is very much important because only this act will help out in preventing the infestation and spreading of germs by the rodents among humans as well as among pets. Rodent population is not at all difficult to control. The only thing which is required is that one should move systematically so that the whole problem gets solved. The searching out of rodents, their spotting and then getting rid of them is a very important procedure consisting of four steps. If these steps are followed correctly, one can easily get the rodents removed from the roof. Prevention and controlling of the rodents population in the roof is consisting of the following four steps. These are as follows:

Inspecting the roof
If you have observed one or two rodents in the roof and you do not know their exact number, it is the first task to evaluate and quantify the problem. There are different signs of presence of rodents even if they are not sighted directly. These include looking for droppings, burrows, stains of urine and gnaw marks.

Sanitation of the roof
This is the most important step towards removal of the rodents from roof. Usually the rodents come after the food items. Therefore if the leftover food is properly discarded and kept in covered containers, then the chance of rodents in roof can be minimized.

Exclusion of rodents
Last step is the exclusion of rodents. Before carrying out exclusion it is important to make sure that the holes and points of entry of rodents are properly sealed so that they may not come back again after being excluded. In this procedure the rodents are allowed to pass through the hole which has only one way opening and then after their complete removal the exclusion point is also sealed.

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What to do about a rodent on the roof

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