How to get rodents out of the attic

Do you still hear noises from the attic? Getting it right for the first time doesn't mean you have finally got rid of the problem. Aside from rats, there is a chance that another family of rodents had sneaked into your home. It could be a set of voles, a bunch of gophers or a new nest of squirrels. Here is a short list that will help you (hopefully) get rid of rodents out of the attic.

1. Close all entryways
Not all homeowners can be quite familiar with every nook and cranny of their houses. But did you know that those little holes and gaps could be big enough for a rodent to come in? The best solution for this is to patch every tiny opening between the walls or seal off any possible entryways.

• Seal up all the holes that have been bitten by the rodent. It doesn't matter where just as long as you're sending out a “message” that your place is prohibited to these little critters.
• Cover the air vents with wire mesh materials for better protection
• Patch all the spaces adjoining the roof, truss and the ceiling

2. Create a one-way door
Leave at least one part of the attic where you can install a one-way exit point. If the rodent manages to come out from it, it won't be able to find its way inside the very narrow end of the tunnel.

• Build a narrow tunnel using a wire mesh or metal sheet
• Put baits near the tunnel to attract the rodent to come out

3. Use a trap
Depending on which type of rodent you are trying to catch, but the right trap might just do the work. Place the trap on the less visible points or as long as it is not placed around the middle.

• Glue traps may work for mice or any small rodents
• Cage traps may work for squirrels and bigger rodents
• Snap traps work best in the attic
• If the problem persists, get in touch with a rodent-removal expert

4. Clean up
A dirty surrounding often causes rodent-related problems to continue. If there are mounds of leftovers everywhere, household pests (e.g. rodents) will only find your home to be a good place to live. Cleaning and sealing up the attic after getting rid of the pest is one way to ensure that the critters won't keep on coming back.

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How to get rodents out of the attic

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