How to get rodents out of a wall

Rodents such as mice or squirrels could get trapped between the walls of your sweet home. Have you ever been in this situation? It may sound a little different from what you can hear in the attic. Those tiny sounds coming from the wall may at first seem so hard to believe. But the more you hear the sound, the more you need to know how to get these critters out of the hollow blocks.

Let the clues lead you to the next step
The first thing you need to do is to identify what type of rodent is actually in there. This would save a lot of time and effort because you will be lining up better strategies before anything else. In the case of mice for instance. If some mice had been hiding the wall for sometime, there's no need to hurry. These little creatures will eventually come out and find for something to eat.

• Check the attic if there are holes and gaps between the wall and the roofline
• Check the surrounding if there are droppings and confirm whether it's from a mouse or a squirrel or another type of rodent
• Mouse dropping are rather small (like the size of pellets)

Watch out for the telltale signs
If there happen to be some squirrels between the walls, then you need to be more watchful during daytime because this is when a squirrel would usually come out.

• A mother squirrel will likely build a nest in the attic and would seek for some food in between
• Squirrel droppings measure between half an inch to one inch and are shaped like sausages

How to take them off
It's never going to be easy to get rodents out of the wall. Unless you take away a big chunk out of the hollow blocks and do this one by one until you finally find what you've been searching for. But this is like literally destroying everything down.

Second option
Your next strategy is to use a trap. If you found out that there are mice hiding in there, the least thing you could do is to place a snap trap near or below the hollow part or in some cases, right next to the hole if there is. As for squirrels, you can use a cage trap with snapping mechanism so they won't likely escape. If you can't handle these, your best option is to call a pest control service to do their job.

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How to get rodents out of a wall

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