Will a strobing light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on rodent?

The rapidly evolving technology has practically got everything to make our lives easier. But maybe not in the case of machine operated repellents. Strobe lights and sound deterrent devices have not proven anything spectacular, as far as repelling rodents out of the household goes. Let’s find out why.

Strobe Lights
Several manufacturers have already come up with their own versions of strobe lights with motion detector kind of device. This type of machine is installed on rodent-prone areas that are usually dark. And how does it work? A strobing device will light up almost instantly when a mouse passes by. However, the bright lights being emitted by high wattage bulbs leaves no guarantee that any rodent will not come back during the day. It also won’t work on dark storage rooms or the attic once the rodents get used to it. After all, the only things they fear the most are their predators.

High-Pitch Sound Deterrents
It has been said that some of these devices can actually work as insect repellents. Because of this, high-pitch sound deterrents have been selling like pancakes on hardware stores. These products made people believe that the high frequency waves could also drive away other household pests (e.g. mice). However, if we are going to think about it, scientific studies and actual situation doesn’t usually deliver the same results. What may work on concentrated subjects may not give the same kind of reaction in real life.

• Just like any electronic device, a sound emitting machine requires maintenance and proper care
• Anything that spells familiar (to the household pest) will stop working in the long run

Why we need a better pest control alternative
As much as we don’t like mice or squirrels in our homes, these critters don’t mind anything other than having a safer place to raise their young. In other words, they don’t care what new type of repellent is there. Rats are not even afraid of humans while some would even drag a big chunk of cheese right in front of you.

• Mice eat leftovers from the kitchen or whatever is in the cupboard
• Rats, squirrels, moles and other rodents feed on people’s garbage
• Rodents are carrier of harmful diseases (skin irritation, GI tract, rabies and leptospirosis among others)

Final thoughts
Repellents may or may not work for everyone. That’s because sound waves and powerful beams will only function to a certain degree. Which means, not all parts of the house are within the range of these devices, making the strobe lights and sound machine useless and ineffective.

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Will a strobing light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on rodent?

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