How to scare a mouse away

Mice love to move into your home. You have everything they need –ample food and water, plenty of places to shelter safely, and lots of room to room around out of the elements. The one thing these mice do not take into to consideration is that it is your house and that you do not want them there! You can call a professional service to help you out, but why not try some DIY remedies that have been used by thousands of other folks just like you. Doing it yourself not only saves you money, it gives you the satisfaction of knowing you handled the problem on your own.

Do you own a cat or terrier dog? If you have a pet that shows an interest when it hears or sees mouse activity, encourage that. Mice do not want to live where they are constantly being chased.

Try peppermint- According to other users rodents find the smell offensive. Any form of the scent is acceptable- peppermint oils, candy, tea, or plants will work. Just place them randomly around your home where you have spotted activity.

Sonic sound emitters- there are dozens of these available on the market today. These devices works by emitting a high-pitched frequency that is unbearable to mice. This noise will cause them to seek shelter elsewhere.

Mothballs –These contain “naphtha’, a chemical that dissolve in moisture as light as the humidity in the air. The smell of this chemical is highly offensive and can burn soft tissues like those in your nose and eyes. This effect is multiplied many times on the mice and they will seek to move somewhere less offensive.

Sonic Strobe lights- These are sold under catchy names like EVICTOR, PESTZILLA, and THE ELIMINATOR to name a few. They work by use brilliantly bright flashing lights. This strobe effect hurts the creatures’ eyes because their vision is designed for dim/dark light. The reasoning is that the mouse cannot live in these conditions and so moves on.

Ammonia and hot pepper spray- add ½ cup of ammonia and ½ cup of hot pepper flakes (1/4 cup hot pepper sauce), the hotter the better, to one gallon of water. Spray this daily around mouse holes and places where there are signs of high activity. After 3-7 days, all the mice should be gone. This works using an offensive smell and taste that makes your home unattractive to them.

These ideas and many more can be found with a little research. No matter what tact you choose to take, act quickly! Mice are destructive and spread bacteria and germs everywhere they go. Mice are also communal creatures, so if you have seen one, there are much more hiding!

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How to scare a mouse away

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