How to scare a snake away

When you think about scaring off any nuisance animal one of the first things that come to mind is loud noises. While this is often works with other animals, it will not work on snakes. This is because snakes are deaf. Therefore, no matter what kind of noise you make to scare the snake away, it will not hear you. Snakes respond to the vibration made by the noise. If a sound seems to frighten a snake, it is responding to the vibrations. There are different ways to frighten snakes besides sound. Here are a few tricks to send snakes slithering.

Snakes are nervous by nature so it does not take much to scare them away. One method to frighten a snake is to make fast movements, chase the snake, or just stomp loudly on the ground. Although the snake will not hear the noise, the vibrations the stomping makes will scare it off. If you use this method, be sure that the snake has somewhere to run. It is cornered; it might decide to fight back. if you confront a snake in your home or other building use a broom, rake , or other tool with “reach “to push the snake towards an exit. If you run across one in the yard, you can use a high-pressure hose to force it out your yard.

You might choose to use snake repellents to drive them away. You can try sprinkling mothballs under you house and porch or other areas frequented by snakes. There are also commercial repellents on the market that are you spray across your yard and under buildings in order to drive out snakes without endangering plants or animals.

Once you are snake free, keep your yard free of clutter and brush where snakes can hide. Make sure that they cannot access dark areas under porches or buildings that provide shelter. Try to fill in any holes that snakes could use to access buildings to nest in. Moreover, remember if you come face to face with a snake, give it plenty of room to run. Even a non-venomous snake will bite if it feels threatened.

If you have a serious problem with snakes, you might need to enlist the aid of a professional animal removal service. These professionals understand snakes’ habits and know the best way to handle your problem. Just remember, most snakes are not interested in bothering you. IF left to their own devices, a snake will just move away from you and go back in to its hiding place. Never try to move a snake, especially from its nest, by hand. This is a job for a professional.

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How to scare a snake away

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