How to scare a squirrel away

Your house, garden, and yard hold a number of temptations for a squirrel. It sees shelter, ample food, and water for drinking. They love to dash about the treetops, scamper across the roof and even access your attics for nesting. Often homeowners believe the easiest solution for getting rid of squirrels is to put out traps or cover their stomping grounds with poisons. This is not a wise move. Poison poses an inherent danger to people and animals that might be exposed to it. There is also the possibility that the poison will leech into the ground. What about squirrels that die, and the pests their carcasses will attract? Before you, do anything rash try these simple tips for keeping squirrels away from your yard and home.

“Scarecrows” are still a good idea- put up kinetic (moving) “scare ‘items like Mylar ribbon, tin pie pans on strings, or a classic scarecrow. Wind chimes and whirligigs are effective as well. , anything that provides motion and sound, are a good deterrent. The bonus is that of these things can be pleasing for us to watch. You can also purchase commercial scare devices called sonic emitters. These use high-pitched sounds to drive the squirrels away. Some even come with motion sensor powered flashing lights for added effect.

You can also use plastic statues of owls, hawks and other predators to frighten them away, or let dog chase them regularly. Keeping your yard full of activity like kids and pets playing, music, people enjoying the outside will also run them off.

Using natural repellents is another way to make squirrels unwelcome. Plant mint around the outskirts of your area rodents are driven away by its smell. To scare the squirrels even more, use predator urine from a large animal like a lion or panther, coyote wolf, or bear around your yard. Most of these “scents” are available where hunting supplies are sold.

The most effective tact is to keep squirrels from moving in. Keep debris and trash cleared so they have nowhere to hide. Trim tree branches back to keep from forming a net for squirrel to move across the yard and access you roof. Keep pet food put away and use birdfeeders that are squirrel proof. Empty standing water like birdbaths, pools, and water bowls and use garbage cans with sealable lids. Taking care to make your yard unattractive to nuisance animals like squirrels is the best way to be rid of them. Practicing prevention can keep you, your family, and your home safe from infestations.

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How to scare a squirrel away

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