How to remove a skunk in the basement, attic, or anywhere in the house:

There are many ways to get rid of a skunk that has somehow made its way into your home, without risk of spooking it and getting sprayed. The best, most popular way to get rid of skunks is via live trapping and removal, or any variety of barriers that will prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. Always remember that despite many popular claims, there are unfortunately no sprays, powders, or devices that will allow you to keep skunks from going under your home.

One the best ways to get a skunk out of your home is by live trapping and removing it. You should keep in mind that, when doing this method, you should always release the skunk at least ten feet away from your home, to discourage it from coming back. Start by buying a larger trap, generally labeled with the size being ‘raccoon’ or, occasionally, ‘skunk’. Choose one with solid sides to prevent the animal from spraying you while transporting, as well as one that is going to be large enough for the skunk to crawl in and have the door shut without hurting him.

After this, you should simply wait, checking the traps every once in a while- pros recommend twice a day- to see if anything has wandered inside.

When collecting the traps, you should always approach cautiously, keeping an eye out for aggressive signals from the animal, including stamping its front paws or raising its tail. If you are worried that the skunk might spray you on the walk to your car, try throwing a towel over the cage as you move it. Skunks often will not spray inside of cars, but most pros recommend transporting it in the bed of a truck if feasible.

Skunks can be an issue, especially in the hot summer months, and will often wandering into homes trying to find a cool place to make their nest. If you fear that a skunk has gotten into your home, you should try these tips to get it out as quickly and smell-free as possible. If you are still worried, or if traps do not work, contact a local Wildlife Removal expert in order to have some help with getting the skunk out without worrying about getting yourself, your home, or your pets sprayed.

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How to remove a skunk in the basement, attic, or anywhere in the house:

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