Do skunks come out during the day?

Skunks are naturally nocturnal animals, meaning that they are mostly active during the night. They will come out during the night to look for food and if they have been vacated from their previous dwelling areas, this is the best time to look for a new place. Skunks will migrate during the night to look for a new settlement area where there is supply of food, water and the environment is hospitable enough to harbour them; for instance, a place where there is little to no disturbances during the day when they are resting. Also, this area should be predator free zone, otherwise just a few to not clear them all.

However, this does not mean that skunks will not come out during the day. They will in some instances be seen during daylight. These circumstances that may result in them walking out during the day include;

• Availability of food. That’s right; a skunk will come out during the day for food. Maybe the food is only available at that particular daytime or maybe a skunk from its resting place spots a meal close by. What is there to hinder the skunk from coming out to get the food? Despite the fact that skunks rest during the day, it does not mean that they sleep heavily to not smell food. Another case may be food left over being dumped at a particular time, for example lunch time, in the trash can close by and in the evening they are disposed off. Skunks will have to come out to scavenge before evening as they are sure to find food unlike if they wait till the night. This becomes more of a habitual trait than just random scavenging.
• What if there is a fire outbreak or the tree in which the skunks sleep in during the day is cut down? The skunks will have to vacate as quickly as possible, regardless of the time to save themselves and look for another place. Basically, any form of disruption in their dens whether it’s an ambush fro their enemies while they were away scavenging or while they were sleeping in, daytime will find them homeless and they will have to look for an alternative.
• High competition, especially for food, from other nocturnal animals may drive skunks to opt to forage and scavenge during the day when the competition has reduced. This is usually common if there is scarcity or limited supply of food or water.
• Baby skunks will always come out of their dens, either accompanied or unaccompanied by their mothers, during the day to play or learn a few scavenging skills.
• Also, pet skunks unlike their fellow wild counterparts are more active during the day.

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Do skunks come out during the day?

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