Do Skunks live in Groups or Alone?

To be one of the most well-identified creatures, skunks are also one of the most mysterious. Often, people whose homes are invaded by skunks, or who have to deal with skunks nesting underneath their porches or home, are confused about what to expect with trapping and releasing the skunk. One of the biggest problems with trapping wild animals, in general, is that you never know how many to expect, especially since numbers can vary so widely depending on what species you are talking about- and skunks are no different.

In general, skunks are solitary creatures. There are many reasons why this is so, but one of the most simple ones is that the skunks’ defense mechanism is to spray- as opposed to other animals that roam in packs and who defend themselves by biting, charging, or clawing. Skunks, along with other smelly creatures, prefer to be alone, and, in the wild, will usually only be found one at a time if they are living under a house.

There is one exception to the rule, though: when the skunk is mating, they will live in packs. Usually, skunks only mate once per year, though, during the summer. If you suspect that you have a skunk living under your home, and you think that she might have pups- or have seen the pups yourself- do not worry. Experts suggest that you leave the skunks alone until the pups are old enough to move on their own- generally only a few months- before attempting to move them into somewhere far away.

Unlike rats and mice, if you have skunks you should not have to worry about moving more than one or two at a time. This is one of the advantages that you might have when dealing with skunks. If you have or suspect that you have a skunk nesting under or near your house, though, you should always call wildlife removal experts before attempting to remove it yourself. In many places in the United States, it is illegal to trap a skunk yourself, so you should always check the local and state laws in your area before attempting it.

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Do Skunks live in Groups or Alone?

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