Home Remedies to Keep Away Skunks and Get Rid of Them:

You might have started by noticing a pungent smell around your home, indicating that a skunk might be present; or, you might have started off by noticing small holes popping up in and around your yard or garden. However you noticed it first, you now worry that there are skunks taking up residence in or around your home, threatening to spray your animals, or you, destroying your yard and garden, and digging its way through your garbage or compost pile. Not to worry, though, as there are many options with getting rid of skunks that have nothing to do with either traps that can kill them, or poison that can affect other animals, including your pets.

One of the best preventative measures is also one of the simplest: install motion-sensor lights around the perimeter of your home. Skunks are nocturnal animals, with eyes that are incredibly sensitive to light; having motion-sensor lights installed that will turn on when the skunk sets foot on your property is one of the easiest ways to get rid of them.

Another easy way to get rid of raccoons that have taken up residence on your property is through the smell of citrus- one of the skunks’ least favorite smells. Citrus peels are a natural skunk repellent, and can be spread around your yard and garden, or by placing them in areas that you have noticed the skunk is hanging out around.

One foolproof way of getting rid of skunks is by using the smell of other animals, tapping into the smells of their natural enemies to make sure that they get spooked off and don’t come back to your property again. Some of the skunks’ natural enemies include coyotes, dogs, and other large animals. If you have a dog, you can simply let him go to the bathroom around your home several times a day, letting the smell warn skunks that there is a predator now. You can also buy coyote urine at a lawn and garden store, or online as well, either in spray or granule form, and sprinkle or spray it around the edges of your property, driving the animals off.

Another natural way to get rid of skunks, along with most other burrowing animals, is by using ammonia: take a few old rags and soak them in ammonia, scattering them around areas that skunks like to hang out, letting the smell deter them from coming around. However, be aware that this method will only work for a short amount of time- until the rags dry out- so you would have to keep them moistened to keep them productive.

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Home Remedies to Keep Away Skunks and Get Rid of Them:

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