How much does skunk removal cost?

If you have a problem with a skunk, most often it is on outside your home. It is unusual for a skunk to gravitate above “ground level” when it comes to nesting. As far a professional removal services, skunks are affordable- usually around 150.00. The problem with skunk removal is that it requires specialized knowledge, and specific incensing. Skunks are difficult to handle and well equipped in the defense department with their ability to spray. Trapping a skunk is not difficult, but dealing with an angry skunk is!

You are welcome to try DIY remedies in hope of driving the skunk away, but do not waste too much time on these. The longer the skunk stays, the harder it is to get rid of, and it might have babies or bring friends! Some DIY tricks are installing motion activated sprinklers and lights to startle them away. You can also try natural repellents like hot pepper, ammonia, and vinegar.

Another deterrent is to make your yard unattractive to the skunk. The lights and sprinklers are the first steps. Clean up any debris piles where the skunk might hide. Make sure all garbage and other foods like pet bowls and animal feed are securely stowed. Keep your gardens will picked. Skunks love fresh food- tomatoes are one of their favs. Leaving ripe fruits and veggies on plants in your yard or lying about on the ground are an open invitation to the hungry skunk. If you have fences, check them for holes or breaks and repair tem promptly. Make sure all gates latch securely as well. You can also try trapping the skunks yourself. If you do, we recommend a “spray proof” trap. They are slightly more expensive (50-100 dollars per trap) but it will save you many headaches in the end. All types and brands of traps are available locally at your favorite hardware or feed store. Remember, if YOU trap the skunk, you must kill or relocate it on your own.

If you try your best, and the skunk still comes round to taunt you, it might be time to contact a pro. Having your skunk problem eliminated for the last time by a trained professional is well worth the money you will pay. Not only do they supply the trap, bait, and know-how, but they will also take care of clean up whether it be relocating the skunk or removing the body (ies). An animal removal serve will take care of your problem quickly, in a professional manner, and offer you suggestions for a plan to prevent further problems.

No matter which way you decide to handle your problem, please act quickly. Skunks are destructive, and can carry diseases including rabies.

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How much does skunk removal cost?

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