Do skunks climb trees or fences?

Skunks have the ability to climb trees and fences. They have sharp claws that help them get a grip and not slide off. Their short muscular limbs provide with the needed support to lift their body while climbing. Apart from trees, skunks will climb over fences and short walls.

Why do skunks climb on trees or fences or over the walls?

They are looking for food. They will climb over a fence or wall into the yard to terrorise farm animals. Skunks will eat chicken feed, or pig feed or even cattle feed and not to leave lone the eggs. They will also hunt the small farm animals like the chicks and feed o them. Climbing over the fence or wall to get access to the home garden is a sure way of skunks to find food such as vegetables, berries and other home grown foods. A fruit tree is a skunk attraction site as they will climb up to eat the frits off of the tree, in case they won’t find any fallen fruits and they are starving. A tree with branches directly hanging on the roof top is a good pathway for skunks to use to enter the attic or the chimney and make it their home.

Fencing off a water source like the pool is not a guarantee that skunks will not reach them. They will simply climb over them, especially if they are not high enough for the skunk to give up along the way. Sometimes, skunks will climb up to escape and hide away from their enemies or predators. This is however not the first option for skunks and will resort to climbing if there is no other way out or it is completely defenceless. Baby skunks will always play around trees and climb anything that is close by, from fences to trees, in a playful manner. Protective measures against climbing skunks Knowing that skunks can climb is important so as to maximize protection and prevent unaware entries.

• When creating a fence, make them as high as possible since skunks will only climb up to a certain point before coming back down
• Same applies to walls. They should be built high out of skunks’ reach.
• Tree branches close to the fence or roof tops should be trimmed off to eliminate any possibility to use it as an access route into the house, the yard or the garden.

However, despite their well developed climbing skills, skunks will prefer to burrow to gain access to the garden or the yard or even to get into the house. They will also prefer to live close to the ground than high areas. Therefore, if you see a skunk climbing, the situation is exceptional.

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Do skunks climb trees or fences?

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