Do skunks fight each other?

Skunks are often avoided because of their scarily long claws, sharp teeth, and, of course, their super stinky smell that they release from glands under their tales. This is a complete fallacy. While it is, true that Skunks produce a horrible smelling spray if confronted by danger or scared, by nature they are not particularly aggressive. They are so laid back that it is rare for one Skunk to have a quarrel with another. Skunks tend to be laid back creatures that spend their time looking for food and sleeping, with a couple exceptions during the mating season, and in the fall months when a warm den is a commodity due to overpopulation. It is more likely that a skunk will be in fear of other predators or man than they would another skunk.

Skunks do not like to fight with each other and tend to try to avoid each other as much as possible. It is not likely skunks will even spray except in the two exceptions mentioned above. During mating season, if a fight breaks out between two or more of the males vying for a female, it can result in, hissing, growling, posturing, and possibly, spraying. If the female involved is no longer in estrus, but the eager male skunk still endeavors to mate with her, she will probably spray him and possibly snap at him to make him back off. During the colder months, skunks may have occasion to argue over den space if there is an overcrowding problem. They are more worried about preparing for the upcoming winter than in fighting. If there are fights between skunks, they are usually short lived, and the winner is the one who shows the sharpest teeth and most menacing claws.

Typically, when skunks are threatened by any aggressor, they will go through a series of elaborate moves designed to show prowess. There will be hissing, stamping of back feet, dancing on two hind legs and showing of teeth before a skunk resorts to raising its tail and spraying. Overall, skunks are extremely tolerant creatures, and respect each other’s space. While skunks do not live together normally, a male skunk may be found living with a group of females through the winter months for extra heat. Skunks are so laid back, that they have been found sharing a den with creatures other than skunks in the winter. They have been known to live with rabbits, squirrels, and even groundhogs. If you do happen to wander up on two or more skunks in a confrontation, it is probably best to turn and go the other way! Nobody wants the attention of an angry skunk!

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Do skunks fight each other?

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