Can Skunks Jump?

Skunks are, by far, one of the biggest problems that you could have as a homeowner, causing all sorts of problems, ranging from holes in your garden patch, to problems with your home’s foundation, which could lead to costly repairs. While many of these problems can be prevented by trapping the skunk once it is found, there are also questions that arise from a skunk infestation, as well as how to keep them off your property once and for all.

Skunks are usually identified by their white-striped back, but also have sharp teeth and claws that allow them to dig quickly and efficiently. While this might spell trouble for your home and garden, it can also be useful to keep in mind when trying to prevent them from coming onto your property once they are off. While their teeth and claws are great for digging, they hinder the skunks’ ability to climb trees; however, these furry creatures are still adept at climbing wire mesh, fences, and boards, making keeping them off your property a much more interesting challenge. There are also limits to how high a skunk can climb: generally, skunks can only climb up to eighteen inches or so, which would allow them to easily scale a smaller fence. However, larger fences can still pose a problem for a skunk trying to invade your property.

While they may not be adept to climbing, there are still certain ways that skunks can invade your property without your knowledge. As mentioned before, their nails and teeth are sharp, allowing them to easily dig holes, and giving them a way to get underneath the fences that might be securing your property. The solution to this, though, is to ensure that all holes under your fence are filled in, as well as keeping an eye on the holes and making sure that they are not dug out again.

As always, there are many ways to take care of skunks that might have made their way onto your property- the best one being to keep an eye out for them around your property. If you happen to spot a skunk close by, do not startle it, but instead try calling a Wildlife Removal specialist to come take care of it for you. Keep in mind that skunks will spray when they feel threatened, so if you would rather trap it yourself, be careful not to startle it.

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Can Skunks Jump?

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