How to Remove Skunk Smell from a House or Car

There are very few things that are worse than the foul smell of skunk spray; the smell is bad enough when driving through a neighborhood that was sprayed hours earlier, but much worse if you are the one that has been affected. The key to making sure that the smell does not linger, causing your home, car, and even yourself, to begin to stink. These tricks and tips should be used in the event of a skunk spraying, ideally within the first few hours after the initial contact.

If a skunk somehow got into your home and got spooked by you, or a pet, spraying your home, or if you tracked the smell in with you when getting away, don’t worry, it’s not incredibly difficult to get the smell out. First, don’t start by washing everything you can get your hands on, like you might be tempted to; a few bowls of vinegar, placed in the corners of all your rooms, as well as right next to any furniture that might have been affected, will help draw the smell out. Over the next day or two, you will notice that the smell has been absorbed by the vinegar, leaving your home smelling skunk-free.

If your rooms are still smelling foul after a few days of the vinegar bowls, there are different ways to clean all of your surfaces. For wood, mix a small bit of ammonia with water and wipe them down with rags. If the smell is caught in fabric curtains or carpeting, call around and hire a steam cleaning service.

For a car, the rules are generally the same: vinegar takes care of the smell. Try putting a few tablespoons of vinegar into a spray bottle of water and spraying down the inside of your car- including your wheel, upholstery, and floorboards. Take out your car’s floormats and either spray them down as well or, in the case of fabric, take them to get dry cleaned- or do it yourself with a machine.

While there are few things that smell worse than skunk spray, if you get affected, you should not worry. These tricks and tips will make sure that the smell of skunk spray does not linger in your home or car, so you can move on without having to worry about the smell lingering longer than necessary.

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How to Remove Skunk Smell from a House or Car

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