How to get rid of skunks without killing them

Skunks are quite and naturally shy creatures but because of their natural defense, that stinky spray, no one wants them around their home. There are a number of control methods to keep skunks at bay, and it is usually best to use several to control the population around your area. Here are some tips on methods found to work the best-

Light up the night! Skunks prefer to stay away from brightly lit locations. Installing lights in your yard is a great deterrent! Skunks prefer a dark location that is peaceful and easy to hide in

Repair any Holes or gaps in fences and buildings. Keep skunks from getting under your house or deck with underpinning like hardware cloth. Check fences lines for breaks, or holes dug under the fence and repair them. Be sure all doors and gates latch soundly with no gaps.

Do not put out an invitation! Get rid of skunk attractants in your yard. Unattended pet food, loose animal feed, loose bags of garbage, standing water, reachable feeders, and ripe fruits or veggies not only attract skunks but other nuisance animals as well. Make sure all foodstuffs are properly stored and garbage is well contained. Keep your garden well picked, and empty or cover standing water.

Use sound and motion to your advantage. Motion activated lights and sprinklers will run off the shy skunk. Mylar or shiny ribbon strips will frighten them away when hung low in trees. A radio, wind chimes, motion activated noisemaker, or ultrasonic sound emitter can help to run them off as well.

Find the SMELL of success. Skunks hate strong smells. It attacks their sensitive nasal tissues, and they want to be away from it. If you can find the entrance to their den, hang a bar of soap or spray a concentrated air freshener around the area. You can also stuff the den with fragrant dryer sheets. Make a pepper spray mixture with habaneras and cayenne pepper and spray around your yard with it. Predator urine, especially that from a wolf or coyote, is said to frighten the skunk away. Another odor that skunks find offensive is ammonia mixed with vinegar.

All These methods are safe for your family and our environment. They each represent a natural way to keep our smelly friends off your property. As mentioned above, you will probably have the best results by using several of these techniques at the same time. Remember to keep that skunk at bay. No one wants to have themselves, pets, or family sprayed or bitten by a freaked out skunk! If you are interested in more information about skunk control, contact an animal control expert in your area.

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How to get rid of skunks without killing them

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