How Smart Are Raccoons?

Raccoon is one of the most intelligent wild animals. They are notorious for causing huge damages to things around due to their level of smartness. Raccoons are nimble animals with ability to handle tools, open garbage bin and others. If you are not aware of the level of smartness associated with raccoons, you are going to find out more about that through the content of this post. Even if you have read lots of things about raccoons there are many more for you to know about. You are going to find out about them when you go through the answers provided here on the level of smartness of raccoons.

Raccoons have intelligent of a toddler
If you have toddler in your house you will discover how quick they are in catching-up with things around them. That is just the same way with raccoons. They are quick to understand the things going on their environment. The ability of raccoons to catch up with things around is among the reasons why they are able to survive in new environment. They are ready to respond to changes and even question existence of thing things around the place they have.

Raccoons can clap, sweep and even dance like human
Another thing that proof smartness of raccoon is their nimble attitude and ability to handle tools with their bare hand. In addition, raccoons have ability to fight with the hands just like little toddlers. They are notorious for stealing pet foods. If pet refuse raccoon access to the food, it can be rewarded with hot slap on the face by the raccoon.

Urban raccoons being smarter than the wild raccoons
The smartness and cognitive ability of raccoons is said to differ base on the habitat. Urban raccoons are known to be smarter than the rural or wild raccoons. The reason is not far fetch as the urban raccoons always take to learn from people around. They usually work with the intelligent of human beings unlike the wild raccoons that usually emulate other wild animals and behave like them.

Raccoons Smart enough to slap pet and steal their food
Do not dare a hungry raccoons with pet food, sardines, fish and other smelling waste around. They can really display unbelievable behavior when they are hungry find pet food around. Raccoon will do everything possible to confuse pet into stealing their foods. If it means slapping the pet to gain access to the food it is ready to do just that.

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How Smart Are Raccoons?

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