Do Snakes Attract Other Snakes

Snakes are among the reptiles that put fear in the mind of people once sighted. Majority of homeowners normally have almost unbearable urge to kill snake anytime they sight one. So, in order to completely protect homes from snake infestation most homeowners want to know whether presence of snake in a particular place can attract other snake around. The truth is that snakes do go out in search of food in group as each of them species has special means of targeting and kill the prey. Through the content of this article you will find out whether snakes attract other snakes in a place or not.

Male Snakes Do Not Always Attract the Fellow Make Snake
There are different snake species in the world today and each of them can be identified with unique feature. In the United States there are different types of snakes but only 4 species are known to be venomous and they include pit vipers, rattle snakes, cobras and others. The uniqueness in getting prey among the snakes is what made it difficult for them to forage together. You can hardly spot male snake of the same specie with male snake as they do not tend to attract each other.

Why Female Snakes Attract Other Male Snakes of the Specie
When it comes to female snake most species normally attract male snakes of same specie through release of pheromones. The pheromones release by female snake usually attracts male snakes of the same species that are ready to mate with it. So, if, you have female snake in your property, you can expect more and more snake visiting your property as they will follow the scent of pheromone released by the female.

How to Increase the Chance of Female Snake Attract More Male Snakes in a Particular Place
If you want to attract more of particular snake specie when you have to do is to offer the snake what will make it release more pheromone in the air. Offering the snake estrogen can make the snake release more and more pheromone which can lure male of the same species from different corners to the spot.

Why You Must Stay Away From Any Snake Specie
While there are no many venomous snake species in the United States, it is important for you to know that bite from few of the venomous snake can be fatal and even lead to death. So, to be on the safe side you should not go close to any snake mostly when you are armature in identifying snake.

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Do Snakes Attract Other Snakes

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