Do Snakes Have Bones?

A snake is in-fact a vertebrate, but this bears the question whether they do have bones or are they just wrongly classified. Well in consideration of how flexible they really are, it's no doubt that most of us wonder if they really do have bones. Well they not only have bones but have a rather complex skeleton, with a load of bones and joints.

Like the human skull, the snake's skull is ossified and has several bones which include:

- Parietal bone
- Occipital bone
- Prefrontal bone
- Postfrontal bone
- Premaxillary bone
- Palatine bone
- Pterygoid bone

Some of the bones in the skull are named similarly as those in the human skull. The multiple joints in the skull do come in handy when the snake is swallowing its food allowing it to extend and stretch. Snakes also have teeth on a jaw bone.

The vertebrae on the snake's backbone are highly flexible which allows the snakes amazing movements. The vertebrae are commonly attached to two ribs. The number of vertebrae in a snake differs from species to species.

Not only do snakes have bones but some have more bones than humans do. So the vertebral column like in humans has its divisions which include:

• Atlas – which does not join to ribs
• Precaudal vertebrae - which are numerous of which some, have curved ribs which are movable.
• Lumbar vertebrae - these do not have ribs.
• Central with a typical ball and socket kind of joint like the type that are found in human limbs for instance hip joint

Snakes do not have limbs like other animals therefore they use the muscles of their body and highly flexible bones for movement.

Of what importance are the bones?
• They clearly support the muscle which helps the snake move about.

• Some of the bones like the jaw bones are very strong enabling the survival of snakes.
• The bones of boa constrictors help support them when constricting and smothering their prey in readiness for consumption.

Take caution
This may be a very intriguing subject. You may even feel tempted to and catch a snake, skin it and study its skeleton. Apart from this venture being seriously dangerous for you, it may also land you in trouble with local wildlife control. Do not take unnecessary risks.

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Do Snakes Have Bones?

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