Do snakes feed their young babies?

Mothers of all species are for the most part nurturing and protective of their young. They will go to any length needed to make sure that their babies have a safe home, plenty of food, and stay warm and dry. They will fight off predators, and even sacrifice their own life for that of their children. Whether the creature is Oviparous ( lays eggs) or experiences parturition ( has a live birth), it instinctively cares for it young and teaches them basic still like hunting, flying, swimming, hiding, etc until the young ones are able to move out on their own. Snakes are an exception to that rule. Some snakes lay eggs, some have live births, and some keep eggs inside their bodies until they are ready to hatch. Snakes are a precocial animal. These means that When Snakes hatch, or are born, they come in to this world with all of their snake powers in one piece and ready to use. In other words, there is no need for parent to stay around to teach them anything.

They inherently know how to hunt, what to eat, how to hide, when to sun, etc. While Snakes do not take care of their living offspring, they are not completely absent parents. Many snakes actively participate in ensuring that their offspring are safe before birth. There are species that curl around their eggs and viciously protect them until they hatch. Some of these snakes even stay with the new babies for a few minutes after they hatch. Some snakes can keep the eggs inside their bodies until the young hatch and then release them in a safe area. Other snakes bury their eggs to keep them away from would be predators, or as in the case of sea snakes, deposit their eggs in undersea caves with air pockets to keep their young far away from harm. Mother snakes that have live births, go to great lengths to ensure that they give birth in a safe environment.

After they female snake has done all they can to make sure the babies enter this world in a safe place, the young snakes are left to their own devices. The young snake eats the entire residue inside the eggs prior to hatching, and can live off these nutrients for a couple of weeks if needed. As soon as it begins to move around (minutes after birth), it is able to find and eat anything that will fit in its mouth. The mother snake has no need to worry about her offspring. While many will succumb to natural selection, if she has chosen a good spot for them, chances are they will grow and flourish.

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Do snakes feed their young babies?

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