Home remedies to keep away snakes and get rid of them

Warmer weather makes most folks long to be outside. Nature is blooming, the sun is shining, and the entire world is waking from its winter’s nap. Humans are not the only ones feeling the urge to get out and enjoy the weather. Snakes are also waking from their winter slumber in search of food. While most are more afraid of you than you are of them, most people do not want snakes around. Here are some handy tips for DIY snake prevention.

DIY “home remedies”
There are a number of natural methods that claim to be a safe and inexpensive way drive off snakes. Sulphur powder spread liberally around your foundation and gardens is hailed as a natural snake repellent. Many gardeners use common spices like cinnamon, hot pepper, or mint to keep snakes away. Some folks claim that the noxious odor released by mothballs or ammonia keeps snakes away too. You need to reapply these often, as they will wash away after rain or watering your yard. If you want something, more permanent you can purchase plastic replicas of owls or hawks. These are a snake’s natural enemy and they may leave if they see them perched on poles or trees in your yard.

Noise is another natural deterrent to snakes. Vibrations caused by lawn equipment, dogs and kids playing, sounds from your radio, or the noise from a party are all annoying to snakes. They move as far away from the vibrations as they can manage. This is a great reason to get outside and enjoy your yard often!

Commercial traps or repellents
These are a last resort! Many repellents contain dangerous chemicals. Traps often cause more injuries than catch snakes.

Learn all you can about your adversary
Often snakes found in your yard are NOT poisonous, but learning about snakes in your area will help you to be sure

Keep yard and gardens well tended
Keeping your yard manicured will eliminate places for snakes to hide while moving about. Tall weeds and brush are favorite sunning spots for snakes. Rake dead leaves and pick up your grass cuttings.
Piles of wood, stacks of logs or random debris piles are favorite places for snakes to hide. Clutter not only attracts snakes, but also one of their favorite foods, rodents

Empty any standing water
Snakes often enjoy swimming. They can attract by birds and insects (sources of food) that are drawn to water.

Keep your area pest free.
Many snakes feed on grasshoppers, mosquitoes, (and larvae), rats, mice, roaches, etc. Having these around your home and yard could attract snakes.

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Home remedies to keep away snakes and get rid of them

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