How to get snakes out of the attic

Most people do not think about snakes invading their attic, but like most nuisance creatures, a snake will gladly take up residence in your home especially if you have a problem with rats or mice. There are verities of snakes that will find their way into your attic. Snakes that do not mind climbing like a yellow or black rat snake or bull snake will simply follow their keen sense of smell to the rodent smorgasbord n your attic. They most often find their way in through a construction gap like where the shingles meet the gutter or a vent pipe then they just work their way up the interior of the wall. They can also come through small holes, chimney vents, broken screens, open windows, or just about any hole that is ½ around or bigger.

Fortunately the snakes found in your attic are most likely NOT poisonous. Most people do not even realize that they have a snake problem until they find a snakeskin in the attic while doing some type of routine job like storing ornaments or checking your HVAC ducts. While snakes are not nessecaarily a danger to you or your family. No one wants to have a family of snakes living in their home. Moreover, no one wants snakes because they have a rodent infestation. Some folks have considered letting the snakes stay until they have eaten all the rats, but this is not the best plan. The way rats breed, they are going to create food for the snake to stay for a very long time, maybe even years and during that time, and it is liable to attract more snakes, or start a family of its own. You may have found signs of a snake, and you say “but I don’t have a rodents problem” Maybe the snake is doing just a good enough job to keep the population under control that you are not seeing them everywhere.

If you investigate your attic further, will probably find the telltale signs of rats or mice. The best way to rid yourself of snakes is to solve your rodent problem. If you eliminate the snake’s primary reason for being there (easy food) it will most likely move on of its own accord. Using exclusion traps will send the snakes food away quickly and the snake will probably follow suit. If you do not want to deal with snakes or rodents for that matter, it might be prudent to contact a professional animal removal, survive. They will have the training and knowledge needed to handle your problem quickly. They can also offer you tip to keep your home from having a reinfestation.

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How to get snakes out of the attic

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