Do snakes come out in the rain?

Snakes live all over the world, in a wide variety of situation, and in vastly different temperatures and climates. Snakes are “cold blooded”. A Cold-blooded creature regulates its temperature by moving in the sun or on a hot surface if it is cold, and going underground or the shade if it is hot. This means that a snake’s body temperature can vary by many degrees from the ambient as a rule, snakes try to keep their body at a temperature of 65 to 80 degrees F. As their body temperatures near 80 degrees, they change to a cooler location. If their body temperature begins to drop, as they near 65 degrees F they drop they will find somewhere that is generating heat in an attempt to get warmer.

Snakes can tolerate cold better than they can tolerate heat. In the cold weather, the snake’s natural rhythm or metabolism slows itself down, but the snake will not suffer any damage from this. This metabolistic lag results in a slowing of their movements, both voluntary and involuntary. As long as the snake has a place to go where it cannot be, disturbed this slow state should cause no problems. It is only dangerous when a snake in this state is exposed to a predator. This natural state can be of great advantage to the snake in winter when the food supply is scarce.

In High temperatures, the snake could be in much more danger. If a snake is overheated, it can become distressed and massive tissue damage, as well as severe brain damage. This is why it is so important for a snake to have a cool spot to retreat to in hot weather.

In heavy rains, almost every part of the world reports a large amount of snake activity. There are differing explanations for this activity. Some people say that the snakes are being driven out of their holes or dens by incoming water and have been forced to seek higher ground. Others say that the snakes are too cold in the rain and have come out seeking a place to warm up. Yet a third source says simply, snakes like to move around in the rain.

Therefore, to recap, cool weather makes snakes want to come out and warm up in sunny spots on sidewalks, or accessible rocks. If it is already warm (or hot) and a snake has reached the body temperature it desires, it may retreat to under that rock or other spot to hide in the shade. If it raining, you can see snakes out slithering around for reasons, only they understand.

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Do snakes come out in the rain?

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