How much does snake removal cost?

If you have a snake problem and want to have a professional come in to do the job for you, it is one of the more affordable removal services offered. There are number of reasons for this. Snakes are usually solitary creatures, so only one has to be dealt with. A snake in your home is usually in a confined space, so it is easily captured. An amimal control service will usually remove a snake form your home for around 100 dollars. If your snake problem is outside, that will run around 200 dollars. The technician will examine your yard, locate any nests, and remove them along with any snakes found. They will normally leave behind a snake trap or two in order to catch any stragglers (they should return to remove these traps in a few days).

This may make you wonder why you do not just do it yourself. There are several reasons you may not want to. Many folks are not well versed in snake identification. This can be dangerous because even if you try to research a snake, there are “look alike snakes” that could fool you. A bite from any snake is no joking matter. A bite from a poisonous snake can be fatal. Another reason is proper equipment. Professionals will have the right tools like loop snares, the right gloves, bags for containment, and other devices that make the job safe and easy. A professional can also help you find the snakes’ entryway, and devise a plan to keep snakes out in the future.

To avoid getting snakes in the first place, make your home and yard unattractive to them. Keep your area free of deadfall and debris where they can hide. These piles will also attract rats and mice- a snake’s favorite food. Eliminate standing water. Snakes are attracted to water, not only to swim, but also to eat the bugs and larvae that are in and around it. Keep you grass cut so that snakes feel exposed when crossing your lawn. If you have a serious ongoing problem, you might wan to consider a snake proof fence. This is hardware cloth several feet high, which is angled towards the outside of the perimeter. The poles are placed on the inside so the snake cannot climb them. You can also purchase snake traps. This is an enclosed box coated with a sticky substance on the inside, and scented bait. The snake crawls in the box and becomes stuck. The humane version uses a substance that is water-soluble. When the snake becomes trapped, you relocate it by moving the entire box. Pour water through box, and the glue dissolves, freeing the snake.

Always use good sense when dealing with any nuisance animal. Any creature can become dangerous if frightened, and many carry bacteria and diseases that can be contracted by man.

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How much does snake removal cost?

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