Do Snakes Dig Holes?

With the weather starting to warm up, and snakes becoming more and more of a threat with the rise in temperature, there are many problems to look out for. Snakes can put both children and pets at risk of a bite, which can be especially threatening when the snakes could be venomous.

While most people know that during the summer months, they should avoid heavily wooded areas, as well as use caution when walking through the woods, or swamps and lakes, there are many other areas which you should be cautious when walking in, to avoid having a run-in with this potentially dangerous reptile.

Often, as the weather begins to heat up, homeowners will notice holes in their yard start to pop up. While most times, these holes are simply the work of curious burrowing animals, such as mice, they can also be attractive to snakes, both for their shade provided during the heat of the summer, as well as the snack that the former owner of the hole can provide. Without the proper equipment to dig through packed dirt, snakes are often moved to taking over the former homes of small animals that they then feed on. However, while snakes cannot dig through the packed down dirt that your yard provides, it does not mean that they can’t make their way through other yard debris, such as loosely packed leaves and moss. They often will take to these shelters during the summer, to keep their internal temperature below the recommended eighty-degrees Celsius.

Since snakes often take over holes that are made from other small, burrowing creatures, there are very few ways to determine if the hole in your yard was made by a snake or a less threatening creature. One of the best ways to make sure that your family and pets are protected during the hot summer months, when snakes can pose a bit of a threat, is to keep your yard in good condition. This includes clearing out any debris that snakes could burrow into, including fallen limbs, moss, or piled-up grass. If you have a wood pile, which would provide just the kind of cool, closed-off area a snake would need, make sure it is stacked neatly, as well as a good way from your home. Screen off any open areas around your garage or underneath your porch, as well, since these areas can be welcoming to snakes due to their cave-like nature.

If you have noticed holes in your yard, and are worried that snakes are beginning to take up residence in your yard, do not approach the hole to figure out if a snake has taken up residence in it. instead, call a Wildlife expert, to keep both you, your home, and your family safe during the heat of summer.

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Do Snakes Dig Holes?

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