How big do snakes get?

With over three thousand species, snakes differ in length, width and weight from one species to another. They carry different genes hence the varied body structure.

• The longest and snake in the world is the reticulated python. This constrictor (kills prey by constriction) can grow up to 7m long and weigh over 100kg.
• The green anaconda is the heaviest and the second longest on earth. This giant snake can grow as far as 6.7m long.
• The African rock python, which basically lives in rocky areas and is native to Africa, cannot be excluded in the list of top longest snakes in Kenya as it can reach over 6m in length.
• It likes living near water bodies, around marshes and swamps. It is the Burmese pythons which under favourable conditions can grow up to 5.8 m long.
• Reaching up to 5m in length, the amethystine python is also considered as a pretty long snake.
• What of the Inland taipan? This most venomous snake in the world largest individuals can reach up to 2.5m in length.
• Heavy? Yes. Long? Yes. The average length of a diamond rattlesnake range between 1.1 m and 1.7m and weigh around 2.3kg. However, the gigantic version of these species may reach up to 2.6m in length and weigh up to 6.7kg. Despite their weight and length, these snakes are excellent swimmers.
• The King Brown snake is very poisonous. Native to Australia and second longest in the region, these snakes grow p to 3m long and will weigh to a maximum weight of 6kg.
• The average length of a coastal taipan ranges between 1.5m and 2m although the longest ever recorded was 3.3m.
• Blue in colour with orange red colour on the sides of the head, the indigo snake is not only beautiful but also non venomous. They averagely grow up to over 3m long and weigh over 5kg.
• The olive python can record a length of up to 4m long. It is found in Australia.
• Not only is it long but also the fastest and most aggressive snake in the world. The longest black mamba ever encountered was 4.3m long.
• The female boa constrictors are longer than the male ones. Also, those that live in the wild grow longer, up to 4m long, compared to those in captivity which rarely exceed 2.5m long.
• Rare to sakes, the male king cobra is larger than the female. This fearsome snake weighs up to 9kg and may reach 5.7m long.

However, the Guinness book holds a record of a 7.67m long reticulated python that was held in captivity. His python was caught in Malaysia and was called Medusa.

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How big do snakes get?

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