What does a snake skin look like? Where is it found?

Well Known Animals Snakes are well known animals for a couple of reasons. These animals are especially known for their wild animal population controls to farms, gardens, hunting down almost all wild animals. Besides snakes amaze people with their essential ecosystem service, they also amaze them with their appearance. The entire body of a snake is purposeful and streamlined.

Snakes On the Inside
Besides snakes are amazing creatures on the outside, they are amazing animals on the inside as well. A snake’s heart contains only one chamber and the anima’s lung only has one lobe. Snakes don’t smell with their nose, but with their tongue.

One thing that sets snakes apart from other reptiles and amphibians is their flexible ribs that act like tiny legs and arms. This amazing animal can climb any surface it wants even though it doesn’t have a pair of legs. What enables a snake to climb various surfaces and objects are specialized belly scales which enable the snake to go up walls, cliffs, and trees together with undulation and propulsion movements. Another interesting thing about snakes is that they don’t hear with their ears. These animals hear with their body simply by sensing vibrations through the ground.

They Love to Groom Themselves
Snakes love to groom themselves! And do you know how these animals groom themselves? They groom themselves in only one big move - by shedding their outer skin. Snakes benefit themselves a lot from shedding their outer skin layer. By shedding of their outer layer of skin, snakes cleanse themselves of parasites and bacteria. Now, when snakes shed of their skin, they don’t take the shed with themselves. They just leave it anywhere, including leaving it your garden. Don’t be surprised when you see shed snakeskin in your garden!

Learning a Lot From Shed Snakeskin
People can learn a lot from shed snakeskin. In fact, people can differentiate venomous and non-venomous snakes based on shed snakeskin.

If you found shed snakeskin in your garden and wonder did that shed snakeskin belong to a venomous snake, you should look at the anal plate of the snakeskin. You can find the anal plate at the base of the cloaca, i.e. snake anus. A double row of scales and a divided anal plate on shed snakeskin mean that the snakeskin didn’t belong to a venomous snake.

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What does a snake skin look like? Where is it found?

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