How to get rid of snakes without killing them

With the onslaught of warmer weather, many of us are worried about the appearance of snakes around our homes. While not all snakes are poisonous, most people do not know the difference and do not want to take a chance. Besides, even a non-poisonous snake can deliver a painful bite. Here are some general rules for dealing with a snake without just killing it.

If you happen upon a snake in your yard or home, leave it alone! If you wait a short amount of time, the snake will usually leave.

If the snake cannot get away, (i.e. it is inside a house, garage, shed, etc.) Use a push broom to gently push the snake towards an exit. This keeps you at a safe distance.

If you are able to identify the snake and know, it is non-poisonous, put on thick gloves, and pick it up. You can safely move it to a secure location.

If you cannot positively identify the snake nor have a fear of snakes, call a professional.

Set up a trap to catch the snake. A few traps on the market allow the snake to be released alive and well. Most consist of an enclosed baited box with one entrance that is coated with a sticky substance that traps the snake. The humane version of this trap allows the handler to pour water through the trap and wash out the sticky goo allowing the snake to go free. This way you can relocate the snake with no danger to you or the snake.

Install a snake fence around your yard. This is a hardware wire or windscreen fence that is slightly angled at the top. Snakes cannot climb them, and it is a surefire way to keep them out!

Keep your property cleaned and well groomed. This will make it less attractive to snakes. Clean up debris, clear woodpiles, and Trim back brush. Remove sources of standing water. Not only do snakes like water, the love the eggs and bugs that can be found in and around it!

Use a snake repellent. You can find a wide variety of snake repellents on the market today. They come in liquid, granular, and powder form. Each claim that they will drive snakes away and keep them gone.

Some groups claim that loud noises like lawn equipment, music, or even kids playing will cause vibration in the ground that can run off snakes.

If you feel that your snake problem is indeed serious, you might want to call a professional wild animal removal service. They can take care of your snake problems, help you lay out a sound prevention plan, and give you and your family peace of mind.

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How to get rid of snakes without killing them

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