What Are the Types of Rodent Snap Traps?

vWhen it comes to rodent control and removal one of the most effective method is trapping. For that reason, there are different types, designs and forms of rodent traps in the market today and you are to select the one that will best suit your needs. Most of the rodent traps in the market are snap traps or inhumane traps use to kill them instantly. You are going to learn about some common rodent snap traps in the market through the content of this article.

The Plastic Enclosed Snap Trap
Among other rodent traps in the market the plastic enclose snap trap is known to be among the most effective. This particular rodent snap trap is built with plastic body enclose material. For that reason, your pets and children will be completely safe from this kind of trap. To increase your chance of catching mouse, rats and other rodents with this trap you have to make sure it is baited correctly. Look for well scenting fish or crayfish to bait the trap and you will be rewarded the following morning with a huge rodent lying in your trap.

The Electronic Mouse Trap
This is another most popular mouse traps use to catch mice and rats as well as other rodents. It is designed kill rodent through electrocution. When the rodent get into the trap it will not struggle much before it will die. That made it most effective and recommended as it will not allow the rodent to suffer so much before taking the live. This is unlike the snap trap which will seriously injure the rat or other rodent without killing it thereby making the animal to struggle for the life and suffer before death

The Rodent Glue Trap
Another most effective rodent trap you can get in the market is glue mouse trap. It is designed with adhesive gum which will stick permanently on the hairs of the animal making it difficult to move away from the trap till it will die if no one comes around to release it out of the gum. The rodent will struggle so much before death in this particular type of mouse trap.

Plastic Rodent Snap Traps
Just like the plastic enclose rodent snap trap, this particular one is also effective in catching and killing rat, mice and other rodents. The only downside to this trap is that it can put your children to risk of injury as well as your pets due to lack of enclosure.

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What Are the Types of Rodent Snap Traps?

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