What does squirrel feces look like? Where is it found?

What Shape Is Squirrel Feces? The feces of squirrels such as red squirrels is extremely similar to the scat of other rodents like rats – although it is fractionally longer and narrower, it will still have a similar color and shape – slightly elongated and oval. People usually confuse squirrel fecal matter with rat scat. If squirrels have invaded your property then it is likely, you will have an enormous amount of poop to deal with and red squirrels are fond of taking a scatter approach while emptying their bowels. Now, because squirrels are susceptible to various types of both internal and external parasites, it is important to take some protective measures while dealing with squirrel poop – you should always wear gloves and a face mask so you can avoid inhaling any bacteria or parasites found in squirrel poop.

When you scare a wild animal such as squirrel, it may start to spray urine and defecate all over the place. If you have discovered droppings in your home or yard then you will also find various indicators which may be useful – if the pellets look hard it is likely the waste has been there some time since fresh wild animal poop is soft; if the droppings are dark in color they will also be fresher – the wild animal poop fades with age and exposure.

Red Squirrel Droppings Identification
It is extremely hard to identify red squirrel droppings. Red squirrel droppings look pretty similar to gray squirrel waste. However, the worst thing about red squirrel droppings is that they look as rat droppings as well. However, there are some differences between rat and squirrel poop. A rat’s fecal matter has tapered ends wile a squirrel’s poop has rounded ends. There is also a small difference in the size of squirrel and rat poop - a squirrel’s poop is larger than rat poop.

How to Clean Up Squirrel Poop
Once you have found squirrel poop in your yard or in your attic, you should know that you have squirrel invasion on your property. Before you get rid of squirrel poop, you should get rid of the squirrels first. If a squirrel has left its waste in your yard, you should wear a gas mask and also wear gloves while picking up squirrel waste. If a squirrel has left waste in your attic, you should clean it up with special enzyme cleaners while wearing protective equipment.

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What does squirrel feces look like? Where is it found?

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