Do squirrels kill mice, rats, or birds?

At times, it looks odd when a squirrel is eating a bird, or a rat. This is common since they are wild animals and they are hunting. These squirrels are omnivores since they engage in eating of flesh and vegetables. This means they have better chances of surviving since they have a large collection of food options. When they are in the wild, they improve their hunting skills. You need to know that some of the squirrels will opt to hunt on the ground, and some shall opt to hunt in the trees. This depend on their hunting skills, the region, and most importantly have the chance of accessing the prey. However, this is not easy for them to hunt since they do not have the speed, or the strength to capture their prey.

Find it hard to hunt
You find in many occasions, the squirrels are relying on the nuts and vegetables since they do not know the process of hunting. However, they are known to look for prey all the time, but shall not focus on it when they have the option of eating the vegetables and the nuts.

When they are very hungry
When the squirrel is very hungry, and it does not have the vegetable and nuts option, it is known to activate the hunting skill. This means it shall go out of the way, and have a good hunt like a mice, or a bird.

Mother eat the young ones
In cases of drought, or when there is scarcity of food, the mother squirrel is known to eat their young ones. This means they shall not hunt for food since they have the ready prey. However, this is known to happen when they do not have any other food source, and they have several young ones they can eat.

Focus on vegetables and nuts
In most cases, you shall find the squirrels are known to favor the fruits, and the vegetables. In many cases, they shall live for the nuts. However, they can change this diet easily, and this enables them to eat some form of proteins.

Types of animals they eat
The squirrels do not have a good hunting technique for other small animals, and this becomes very hard for them to hunt. However, they are known to eat

• Smaller birds, which cannot fly well
• Tiny rats
• Insects
• Mice

These are the options they have when they are in need of the protein in their diet. However, most of the squirrels are known to favor the vegetable diet, but at times, they find it appealing when the engage in a protein delicacy. They however, go for the smaller animals, since they are not good at defending.

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Do squirrels kill mice, rats, or birds?

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