Do squirrels remember where they bury nuts?

This may sound very weird but it is true. You shall find some squirrels unearthing some of the nuts they have buried. This is a very common process they do, and at times, one may think they are digging the holes. They are known to do this all times, and this means they have a good memory.

By using their urine
The best way they know about the place they have buried their nuts is when they have cemented it with their urine. This way, they shall always have the scent, and this is one of the clever ways they use. At times, this is a way of marking their territory, with the other squirrels, and they shall always know the place they have buried their nuts.

Through odor
The nuts have the odor, and this is one of the reasons how the squirrels shall kind the nuts. This is activated with their sharp sense of smell as they use their noses to smell even the nuts that are buried. At the end of the day, you shall find that the squirrels find the nuts easily since the nose directs them easily.

Places they frequent
In order to recall the place they have hidden the nuts, you shall find the squirrels shall bury the nuts in the places they frequent the most. This makes it easier for them to know the correct spot.

Harvest for low season
The squirrels are known to bury their food due to matters of low season. They are known to love their nuts and this is one of the core reasons as to why they shall gather the nuts and bury them. When it comes to the low season of foods, the squirrels, shall dig up the places they have buried their nuts. This is a very common sight and some people usually mistake as though the squirrels are hunting for food but this is not the case.

Have a good memory
It is known that the squirrels are known to have a very good memory. This means they can recall all the places they have been and they shall even recall their homes and the places they used to hunt. This is based on the scientific study, which is all about filming the lives of the squirrels over a period of years. This has enabled many people to have a deep understanding when it comes to matters of the squirrels, and you shall get to learn their trends and their behaviors. Generally, this is due to the

• Scientific study
• Know to be clever animals
• Focus on saving nuts

These are the core principles that are found in the study, and the ability to have good communication skills. This way, you can trace their steps, and they shall go to the exact spot they did bury the nuts.

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Do squirrels remember where they bury nuts?

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