How smart are squirrels?

You are aware how difficult it is for you to hand bird feeder at your backyard and avoid squirrel from eating them up, that is to show you how smart squirrels are. To deter squirrels from your bird feeder can take lots of things. No matter your hard work in keeping squirrels away from your bird feeder, they will surely find way to feed on it. This is just an indication of the level of smartness and intelligence of squirrel. Their intelligence and high adaptability combined to indicate their smartness. You are going to get tips on how smart squirrels are through the content of this post.

Squirrels Are Quick Learners
Squirrels study and learn very fast through keen observation. Squirrels are capable of leaning from one another. They are able to understand their environment, find out the right time to come out for food and when they should remain in their holes. Also, squirrels know how to avoid danger making it difficult to even catch them with your trap. So, if you are thinking of getting rid of squirrels from your property through trapping you have to set the trap when the squirrels are not close by watching.

Squirrels Have Good Memory That Help Them Recalls Past Event
Squirrels have good social life, cognitive ability and memory. In order to ensure food supply round the year, they usually take time to gather nut, find reserved and safe place to store it under ground. Squirrels can easily identify the same spot where they hide their nut even after some couple of months. Even the grey squirrels have shown capability in retrieving nuts cache buried for over a year time.

Squirrels Are Deterring Thieves
Squirrel is not just always remembering their own nut buried underground, they are also known as deterring thieves. If squirrels find other squirrels nut cache it can easily take up the nut or itself. To show you the criminality of squirrels they usually take the nut of another squirrel and rebury in another place hoping to enjoy the nut when they want to.

Squirrels Have High Adaptability to New Environment
Squirrels are quite smart as well as adaptive. They are known to adapt to several environments so long as what they are looking for is found there. Their level of adaptability is just without compares. That is reason they keep multiplying their population from time to time. In fact, squirrels are amazingly smart wild animals.

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How smart are squirrels?

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