How to identify squirrel tracks

Common Animals In this article, we will talk about the most common type of squirrels in North America - the gray squirrel. Do you know how to recognize this animal’s track, gaits, etc…? Gray squirrels are pretty common in many regions of the world, including North America. These animals have large bushy tails and they also have gray fur, hence their name. Since gray squirrels are obsessed with eating acorns, you are most likely to find them in areas where oak trees grow. Besides gray squirrels love to eat acorns, they also love to eat nuts, berries, fungi, insects, plants, and vegetation. The call of a gray squirrel is a hoarse bark.

More About Gray Squirrels
Gray squirrels make bulky nests high up in oak trees and other types of trees. These animals make their nests from bark, sticks, and leaves. During the winter season, gray squirrels find shelter in tree hollows.

Gray squirrels are interesting animals because they don’t hibernate during winter. These animals are active during the whole year. Adult female gray squirrels usually give birth to one litter per year. One gray squirrel litter usually contains four to six young.

Gray Squirrel Tracks
Besides gray squirrels are interesting animals, their tracks are also interesting and unique. The tracks of a gray squirrel show only four toes on the front foot but five toes on the hind foot. You are likely to find clean gray squirrel tracks along various bodies of water where gray squirrels come to drink water.

Gray squirrels aren’t that common in campgrounds as their two cousins - chipmunks and Douglas squirrels. You are most likely to see gray squirrel tracks in the fall season, when these animals are busy with gathering and storing their acorns. Gray squirrels are also known for scolding intruders into their territory. Gray squirrels can be seen sitting on high tree branches and making highly recognizable chirring sounds.

Squirrel Tracks Description
Squirrel tracks are small because squirrels are small animals. The front feet of a squirrel are circa a half-inch by a half-inch. The hind feet of a squirrel are much longer than its front feet, circa an inch long by a half-inch wide. Squirrels have, like all mammals, five toes. All of their five toes always show up in the squirrel footprints. However, the claw marks of squirrels only show up in mud and snow. The feet of a squirrel have several pads.

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How to identify squirrel tracks

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