How to get rid of squirrels without killing them

Did you know that a Squirrel is the most likely animal to move in to your home and take up residence? The squirrels bear their young twice a year- in late summer and again in early spring. They look for safe shelter near food and water. Your attic looks perfect!

Getting rid of squirrels without harming them can be as simple as making the Squirrels nesting area as unpleasant as possible. Strobe lights or spotlights, as well as strident noises like loud music or fireworks are supposed to drive squirrels away. Using items easily found in your cabinets like camphor (mothball will work), cinnamon, ammonia, lavender, hot pepper (sauce, ground, or crushed) is said to run them off. Just spread any of these substances around the area you see squirrels. The sounds and activity of Dogs and children playing outside is known to curb activity too. Destroying the squirrel’s sense of safety and invading its peaceful environment should encourage it leave. Make you home as undesirable to squirrels as possible, and they will willingly leave. Once you confirm your home cleared of any Squirrels, clean the area. Clear up any mess left by the Squirrel(s). This is unsanitary material so dispose of it safely and clean the area thoroughly!

To stop squirrels retuning, take certain precautions. Keep vegetation and other items away from your home. They can use these to climb into your home. Do not leave out unattended pet food, pick any ripe food growing in your garden, and keep garbage cans closed. Remove any sources of standing water. Keep Bird feeders out of reach of hungry squirrels.

Brush piles, debris, stacks of wood, and weeds should be cleared so they have nowhere to hide. Make sure doors to all buildings, attics, and garages on your property close securely. Crevasses and openings on the exterior of your home should be sealed immediately. Sturdy underpinning should be placed around your porch, outbuildings, and main house. If squirrels or other nuisance animals are a real problem, consider Fencing around your home and gardens. This is helpful for getting rid of Squirrels and other creatures. Make sure your fence is sturdy, with stalwart poles. Having the top flare away from your yard a bit is an added way to keep out critters that climb (like the Squirrel). Bury your fencing about 5 inches underground because Squirrels like to dig. For more helpful information, contact a local wildlife and animal removal service. They can tell you the best way to solve your squirrel problems without any aggravation. These professionals can lay out your options and execute a plan tailored to your needs.

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How to get rid of squirrels without killing them

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