What does stray cat feces look like? Where is it found?

About Stray Cats Many people think that stray cats are dangerous animals. However, people think wrong about stray cats. This type of cats is usually not dangerous. Stray cats are generally shy creatures. They won’t touch you unless you touch them.

However, if you get close to stray cats, they may attack you. You should never approach stray cats, no matter how cute they are.

What are Stray Cats?
Stray cats are basically cats which once had a home but their owners have kicked them out of their home. Many people still confuse stray cats with feral cats, although there are huge differences between those two cat types.

A feral cat is any cat which was born in the wild and raised there. Feral cats never had a human owner. These animals learned early to hunt for food and other important supplies. On the other hand, stray cats were born on properties and they had human owners. Stray cats may sometimes even be friendly toward humans. However, that doesn’t mean you should pet stray cats because the cat may carry various diseases. We suggest you to approach stray cats with caution.

They are Pests

Stray cats are classified as pests by all wildlife professionals because these animals occupy public spaces in huge numbers and they attack people and other animals. The most common complaints about stray cats include:
• Occupying public areas
• Occupying facility dumpsters
• Foul musk scent during mating season
• Mating loudly

Diseases in Stray Cats
Stray cats usually carry various diseases due to the lack of vaccination. These animals most usually carry rabies which is a dangerous disease. However, the risk of contracting rabies from stray cats is quite low. You will be able to tell a stray cat has rabies if foam is coming out of the animal’s mouth.

How to Recognize Stray Cat Poop
Stray cats love to wander around people’s homes. The only way to tell a stray cat has been on your property is finding stray cat poop. Now, how stray cat’s scat looks like? Well, cat poop is long and tubular in shape. It usually comes in color brown or color black. Stray cats usually leave several pieces of poop. You should never touch a stray cat’s poop because it may contain worms and transmit you various diseases.

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What does stray cat feces look like? Where is it found?

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