Rats in the subway

The Rats have infested in New York City for decades. The subway lines in lower Manhattan seem to withstand the worst of the infestation. The rat population is so dense that 1000s of them live in the subway station walls. For years, the method of control has been to throw poison in the form of a small sugar packet sized serving into the tunnels by the handfuls. According to a rodent expert who has been studying the situation, what the city needs is a new approach for battling rats in NYC’s subway system. NYC state Metropolitan Transportation Authority in conjunction with the city health department looking into the problem. They have first turned their attention to what attracts rats to the subways and what keeps them living there. Once they learn the factors that bring the rats to certain stations, a clear-cut plan of eradication can be formulated.

The busiest stations have the highest populations of rats. This is most likely due to the amount of traffic. The busier the station, the more likely the chance of food being dropped or thrown away. Although the rats will brazenly run out on the platform when food is dropped, the focus of the rats is the room where trash is stored after it is removed from the cans. These bags of garbage often sit for days before it is picked up, giving the rats plenty of time to feast on the refuse. The rats have actually taken up residence in the station walls, which consist of cinder blocks, covered with tile. The rats live in the cinder blocks much like we live in apartments. Up to 12 rats will live in each hole found in the blocks. This means that one wall can house hundreds of rats. This does not sit well with the city’s more than 5 million weekday riders. Who use the subways on a daily basis?

Getting rid of the vermin in the subway is paramount because of the eminent danger they pose. Rats have run out on the platform into waiting passengers, causing uproar. This can be a serious hazard with speeding trains rushing by. Rats chew wiring and can cause blackouts in the tunnel, or effect track operations. Rats are carriers of bacteria, body pests, and diseases. For years, the city officials have searched for a way to get a handle on the problem. Poison has proven ineffective. Sterilization is an option that is being looked in to. Although there is no answer in clear sight, the city has their best teams on the job.

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Rats in the subway

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