How to trap iguanas?

Trapping Iguanas Iguanas make most of the time incredibly attractive and interesting pets, but there are certain states in the United States of America where iguanas can be real pests. Iguanas range from being only a few inches in length and up to six feet in length. Some iguanas can even weigh over fifteen pounds in some instances.

Although iguanas are not necessarily a huge problem in rural areas where they can live in the wilderness, they are a big problem when they invade urban areas and suburban areas. Once iguanas invade urban and suburban areas, they will use their large claws and teeth to deliver nasty bites to people and domestic animals. This is why you should immediately trap iguanas once they invade your property.

The Right Trap for an Iguana
The majority of people who have an iguana problem on their property will use a snare trap to get rid of iguana on their property. People choose snare traps to get rid of iguanas because snare traps are extremely easy for setting up and they are very effective when they are set up the right way.

We also recommend you to use snare traps for trapping your iguanas. However, you should choose a suitably sized snare trap for your iguana depending on the animal’s size. If you choose a snare trap that is too small for your iguana, then the trap will either be ineffective or it will harm your iguana. Some people don’t recommend snare traps for catching iguanas because they believe snare traps are fatal for iguanas. However, snare traps won’t be fatal for iguanas as long as they are set up correctly. Well set snare traps will keep an iguana alive until a trapper arrives.

Alternative to Snare Traps
A great alternative trap to snare traps for catching iguanas is cage traps. Keep in mind that if you choose cage traps for trapping iguanas, you will need to place them in areas where iguanas are frequent. Cage traps are recommended because they enable easier handling of the trapped animal.

The Best Bait and Location For An Iguana Trap
If you are going to use a snare trap for catching an iguana, place it beneath a fence or hedge. These places are where iguanas are likely to run. If you are going to use a cage trap, place it in areas where you saw iguanas passing by.

Speaking of iguana baits, the best baits for catching iguanas are fruits such as mango or a banana because iguanas are herbivorous animals.

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How to trap iguanas?

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