What to do about a trap-shy rodent

There are different kinds of animals which are classified under the category of rodents. Basically, the rodents are intruders in homes and domestic installations and people are so annoyed about them, and try each and every method in order to get rid of them. Usually it is not an easy experience to trap the rodents and it is especially more difficult and even sometimes impossible when it comes to trapping the rodents which shy of traps or cages. These rodents do not even enter into the places where cages or traps are placed. They even do not bother about the bait even if it may be very tempting. Sometimes people have tried by using many traps at a time and then using these traps to lock down the animal but it has been a failure many times. These are some of the really annoying situations when the rodents invade your house and they keep on destroying the valuable possessions. It is very important to find some suitable alternatives in order to trap these animals. Most commonly the kinds of rodents which intrude your house and are cage shy as well are mostly rats and squirrels.

Adopting suitable alternatives
There are many strategies and alternative techniques which can be adopted in order to find out the ways of trapping the rodents which are really cage shy and cannot be trapped as such. There are really some effective ways of running them down and trapping them but one has to be very efficient and wise in this regard. First of all it is very important to bring the rodents out of their shelters and nests. This will make them exposed and you can easily plan out a strategy of running them down. Usually the rodents run along the walls and sidings. Therefore it is very effective if you put the traps along the sides of walls because this can help them out in trapping.

Locating the traps at rights places
Most of the times the trap shy rodents try hide themselves in the covered locations. For such animals the covered traps can work well because these animals will be able to enter in these traps without recognizing and hesitation.

Setting the accurate position of traps
Positioning the traps for rodents is very important. The position of traps for rodents should be set in such a way that it can be easy for them to enter the traps unknowingly. It is best to position the traps in their natural running ways.

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What to do about a trap-shy rodent

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