Do more rodents live in urban areas, or wild areas? (Urban)

You will find the mice, and rats in many parts of the city and this mostly applies to the areas, which have access to food, and housing. Many people have found it hard to stay in a place, which has rodent infestation. Plans are underway to curb the issue of rodents in many cities and ensure that the residents are safe at all times.

Look for food
You shall find that many rats are in the neighborhood since they are looking for food. This is due to the readily available delicacies that rodents can feast on. You find some of the rodents near the restaurants since this is a good place for them to get the leftover foods. This is unlike in the wild, where they have to scavenge for meals.

Ideal living places
When a rodent finds an empty home in the town center, they shall turn it to their home. This is the truth of the matter, since the place is ideal for their breeding. In town areas, there are old homes, factories, or apartments, which are not occupied, or under renovation, and this gives room for the rodents to make it a home.

Away from predators
You will know that rodents are a meal for many animals in the food chain. When they stay in the wild, they are at risk. When rats are in the wild, snakes, wild dogs, wild cats, as well as other carnivores can eat them, and this risks their population. However, when they are in the urban centers, where there are no wild animals, it proves harder for them to be eaten by the predators and they find this environment safe.

Where to find them
You are bound to find there are many rodents in the cities than in the world. Many people are now investing in the regions, which were once forests, and have turned them to living places. This means that the rodents no longer have a place to stay. You shall find there are many rodents in the region, and some common places you shall find them include:

• Sewers
• Abandoned buildings
• Areas with access to foods
• Bushes are shrubs

When one wants to invest in this region, it is paramount they focus on the clearing process, and get to learn the region well to avoid investing in a place, which has loads of rodents, making life unbearable.

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Do more rodents live in urban areas, or wild areas? (Urban)

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