What attracts mice?

Small simple things, in one way or another, will always lead to one or two mice showing up and if not properly taken care of, a full blown infestation will occur within a short period of time.

These small things that draw mice to homes include the following;
• Sugar spills and bags, bags of bleached flour, bread bags and bread cramps are just some of the very many carbohydrate foods that mice won’t hesitate to gnaw and on them and make a feast.
• A dark corner in the house is first of all dark and hidden; just favourable enough to not only host this invader but also nest and nurture the young ones to maturity. In no time, there will be a whole lot of them to even comprehend.
• A mouse can neither survive in a very cold environment nor a very hot one. Warmth is their home. The attic provides the needed amount of insulation for mice to settle in.
• Garbage bins which are open or are torn or can easily be toppled over will definitely draw the mice. As long as they can access the contents contained inside, i.e. rotten and food leftovers, then they won’t back away.
• A dumpsite however small it may be, as long it has smelling rotten food, close to your home is like a far away calling for mice. They will come looking for food and when they are satisfied, they will move to any nearby home to seek shelter.
• Water is also essential and so where mice are, not only is there a rich supply of food but also enough to sustain their bodily functions.

How to prevent mice infestation

Now that we know what makes the mice come to our homes, let’s look at how we can draw them away.
• Find air tight containers to store foods such as sugar bags and dispose sugar bags to completely deny mice access to these foods. For the cooked ones, put them in the fridge rather than in the open.
• Light up the house and make sure it reaches almost every corner inch of the house. This will make dark spaces unavailable for mice to hide in.
• Make the attic almost inaccessible by making sure that all opening are properly sealed to prevent entry.
• Trash cans should always be tightly closed and in good condition. Often empty them.
• Dumpsites should be located away from residential areas. They should be deep enough to prevent easy access by home invaders.
• The easiest and most reliable method of preventing mice infestation is to pet a cat. Nature always takes care of itself.

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What attracts mice?

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