What is white nose syndrome?

Introduction Basically and plainly speaking, this is an infection that affects sleeping bats. The infection is usually named after a white organism that shows up on the gag and different parts of the resting bats. It is important to mention that the WNS is related to the broad mortality rate of the bats in the Northern America. Its first documentation was done in 2006-2007. Since its documentation, the rise and the spread of the disease has been witnessed in the eastern part of America as well as Canada.

Common symptoms of the syndrome

There are some common indicators of the disease that you will need to be on the lookout for. Here are some of them,
• On the bats nose, there will be a white growth which will also be visible on the wings as well as the ears and the tail.
• Bats will fly outside in the open day and in temperatures or even at or underneath solidifying.
• In the entrances of the hibernacula, you will see most of the bats clustered there.
• Dead bats on the ground.

These are the most common signs that bats are having the White Nose Syndrome.

Causes of the syndrome
Basically, it is caused by a fungus, Pseudogymnoascusdestructans. This is the prime cause of the infection on the bats. Where the temperatures exceed 20®c then the fungus will not develop. However, it is important to mention that ideally, the fungus grows well in the 4-15®c.

Transmission of the fungus
Basically and from extensive research, most of the researchers are now contended that the disease is spread from one bat to another. In the same manner, humans play a major role in transmitting the disease by carrying the fungus from one cave to another.

Effect of the syndrome
Basically, the imperiled Indiana bats will hibernate in most of the affected areas. In the winter of 2008-2009, biologist gave a direction that the biennial range wide winter checks of these bats. And from their indication, the population of the bats had significantly reduced, by almost 20%. This further brings down to the primary decay of 2001. Generally, the primary effect of the syndrome is that at a go, it can wipe out every bat.

About human caver
Generally, the U.S Fish and Wildlife service systematically urges that all the cavers watch all the surrender termination and advisories and also maintain a strategic distance from the hollows, mines or even the sections containing the hibernating bats. This will limit unsettling influence to them.

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What is white nose syndrome?

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