How to keep wild animals away from your property

Concrete Jungle More and more wild animals are living in urban areas and as the concrete jungle expands so do we share more and more urban habitats with wild animals. This also means that wild animals are sharing more and more habitats with us.

However, there are ways how one can prevent wild animals from sharing properties with them. In this article, we will provide you with various tips and useful pieces of information on how to keep wild animals away from your property.

Secure Your Garbage Cans
Did you know that out all things they could be attracted to on your property, wild animals are attracted the most to your garbage cans? In 80% of wild animal invasions, the animals have invaded a property just because of that one unsecured trash can.

This all means that you should pay special attention to your trash cans and secure them so the wild animals won’t be able to smell the food remains in your trash can. If you are indolent to pay attention to your trash can’s security, we advise you to buy a trash can that is wild animal-proof. Such trash cans contain a lock on their lid that can only be opened by you, not by wild animals.

Don’t Leave Food Around
Besides they are attracted to open trash cans and containers, wild animals are also attracted to food remains on your property. These animals are especially attracted to pet food remains and they think you left such food remains for them. To prevent wild animals from invading your property, you should always keep your property clean of food remains, including pet food, fallen fruits, and fallen nuts. We also advise you to feed your pets indoors rather than outdoors to prevent wild animals from coming on your property.

Protect Your Ponds and Garden
Wild animals such as raccoons love to eat water foods such as crawdads, clams, and fish so if you have an exotic pond in your yard, don’t wonder why raccoons are frequent in your yard.

The best way to secure your exotic pond is to install an electric fence around it. Wild animals are also fond of fruits and vegetables in people’s gardens so if you have a garden you will need to secure it from wild animals. The best way to secure your garden is to build a fence around it.

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How to keep wild animals away from your property

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