How do you know if you have a wild animal in your attic?

Noises in Your Attic In the middle of the night, you hear some weird noises coming from your attic? Are those weird noises produced by a ghost? Or maybe produced by a poltergeist? We highly doubt that you have any paranormal activity going on in your attic. But, we can bet that those weird sounds coming from your attic are produced by wild animals. Wild animals are the only thing that makes weird sounds in the attic at night. You should immediately inspect your attic once you hear weird sounds coming from it. The chances are high that there is a wild animal or a couple of wild animals up there that decided to temporarily use your attic as a shelter or a nesting place.

Some people are too scared to go to their attic and find out which wild animal found its shelter there. Such people are at the same time curious which animal has invaded their attic. However, there is a solution to this conflict.

One can easily conclude which animal is up there in its attic by following certain clues. Clues will help you figure out which type of a wild animal is above your head. Such clues include:
• What time of the day you are hearing noises.
• What kind of noises you are hearing.
• What signs you are seeing - feces, urine, etc.

Birthing and Rearing Season
If you hear noises in your attic between the months of April through October, you most likely have an adult female wild animal that is up in your attic with her young. During the birthing season, which runs from late March to October, wild animals seek various places to give birth and raise their young. They do this so their young can’t be attacked by predators.

What Kind of a Wild Animal is Living in My Attic?
The two most likely wild animals that are up in your attic are squirrels and raccoons. If you are hearing noises coming from your attic during daytime, you can bet that you have a squirrel infestation going on in your attic. This is because squirrels are only active during the day. On the other hand, if you are hearing noises during the nighttime, then you can be almost certain that you attic has been invaded by raccoons.

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How do you know if you have a wild animal in your attic?

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