What equipment is needed to trap a wild animal?

Various Types of Traps There are a plethora of wild animal traps on the market today. All of them do their job effectively, truth to be told some do it better while some do it in a less effective way. A person who has a wild animal problem on their property can literally get lost in the vast number of wild animal traps available on the market today.

Now, each wild animal is trapped in a different way and you will need special equipment to catch each wild animal. There are numerous stories from old-time trappers and modern trappers about how to trap a wild animal. But these stories are just myths. However, there are some stories from experienced trappers about how to catch wild animals that are quite true. Never trust myths. Instead, read this article and find out what equipment you will need to trap a wild animal as told by experienced wild animal trappers.

Old-Time Trappers
Old-time trappers swear that people should leave their wild animal traps exposed to the wild animals for at least two weeks. They propose this for a couple of reasons. The first reason you should leave a wild animal trap exposed to the wild animal for two weeks is because only then human smell will be gone. If a wild animal senses human smell on a wild animal trap, it won’t approach the trap at all.

If two weeks have passed and a wild animal still hasn’t been caught in your wild animal trap, then you have a problem. The wild animal you are trying to catch is probably a cage-shy wild animal. However, there is one simple method how you can trap a cage-shy animal. All you need is to boil your wild animal trap with a couple of walnut barks. This method will mask any human odor that is repelling to a cage-shy wild animal.

Luring the Animal Into the Trap
If you are still not having success in trapping a wild animal, there is one trick that only wild animal trappers know. The trick they use to lure cage-shy animal into the wild animal trap is that they sprinkle the area around the trap with animal scents found in small jars. You can buy such products in various specialty stores.

Equipment You Will Need
For catching a wild animal, you will basically need only two things - a trap and bait. We strongly recommend you to use live cage traps. And when it comes to baits, you will need to inform yourself on what foods your wild animal find attractive.

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What equipment is needed to trap a wild animal?

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