Why do woodpecker peck on the houses?

Four Reasons Woodpeckers have a plethora of reasons to peck on people’s homes. However, there are four main reasons why these annoying birds peck on homes and buildings made from wood. In this article, we will introduce you to the four main reasons why woodpeckers drill holes on homes and peck on homes. Let’s now learn four main reasons why woodpeckers peck on houses:

Reason Number One
The reason number one why a woodpecker pecks on the houses is that the very sound of pecking is satisfying to the bird. Woodpeckers don’t find satisfaction in anything else besides pecking on houses. Now, these birds enjoy making loud noises through pecking on wood because that is the only way how they mark their territory. Woodpeckers drum all the year through, except for spring. Woodpeckers don’t peck on the houses because their mating seasons begins in spring. Woodpeckers also don’t peck on the houses when they are in search for food.

Reason Number Two
Because the bird wants to make a nest or hole in which it will roost. If the woodpecker is creating a nest opening, the hole will be oval or round and large. Nesting holes of woodpeckers are usually built in the beginning of the breeding of these birds, which is late April and May. If you want to get rid of woodpeckers from your home, opt for doing that either before or after the nesting season of woodpeckers.

Reason Number Three
Because the bird is feeding on the insects that live in the siding of a house...If the wild birds are looking for insects to feed on, the holes they make will be small and irregular in shape. You may have to call a wildlife professional or a pest control agency to get rid of the underlying insect issue. Woodpeckers are particularly fond of eating the larvae of carpenter bees, grass bagworms, and leafcutter bees. However, they can eating any insect they like.

Reason Number Four
Because they want to store their food. If you are located in the West of the United States, you will probably encounter a special type of woodpeckers called Acorn Woodpeckers that are fond of pecking dozens or hundreds of holes the size if an acorn into large trees or houses, and stash a single fresh acorn into each one. It’s pretty easy to get rid of such woodpeckers with reflective tapes.

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Why do woodpecker peck on the houses?

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