How To Kill A Mole

When it comes to most wild animals on your property, there are several solutions available that do not involve killing them. Unfortunately, you won't find as many options for moles and this is partially because they spend their time underground, making them harder to catch. Lethal traps are the best way to kill a mole since they will complete this task instantly and minimize the animal's suffering. There are also several other options available.

For many people, poison seems like the easiest way to kill a mole or other nuisance pest. You can simply leave the poison and wait for it to work without doing the act yourself. The existence of at least dozens of mole poisons makes it tempting to try this method, but it will usually be a waste of money. That is because moles have a very set diet of grubs, earthworms, and other insects. No matter how appetizing you make the poison, they will not eat it. They only eat living meat, such as live earthworms.

You can still, however, find fake gummy worms containing poison, poison seeds, poison peanuts, and various other liquids. Buying these will only be a waste of money. They may also put other animals, such as pets, at risk if they are attracted to the poison. The majority of mole poisons available work with anticoagulation, which interferes with the mole's ability to stop bleeding. Other poisons contain zinc phosphide, which interacts with stomach acids.

Spear Traps
To actually kill a mole and do so humanely, you want to opt for a lethal trap of some sort. There are three main styles and they will each kill the mole in question instantly to minimize suffering. You place spear traps, which are one of the most common options, on top of an active mole tunnel. Start by flattening the top of the tunnel. Then, you can set up the trap so that it will slam into the mole when the animal goes through the tunnel to reopen it.

Scissor Traps
Scissor traps should also be set on top of active tunnels, but they are designed slightly differently. You set them up so the two blades of the scissors sit on either end of the tunnel. When the mole triggers the trap, the blades will come together like closing a pair of scissors. This should also instantly kill the mole.

Paper Clip Traps
Another choice for lethal traps is a body clamp trap known as a paper clip trap. These are slightly different since they go inside the tunnel. Because you will not know which direction the mole is coming from at a given time, most experts suggest placing two in the tunnel back to back so there is a trap facing each direction. Paper clip traps are held open with a pin and when the mole hits this pin, the trap slams shut.

Other Options
If you really don't want to kill the mole, it is sometimes possible to trap and then relocate them. Most experts, however, will not recommend this. That is because there aren't any live traps that will successfully trap a mole while they are underground. Instead, you would have to watch the mole in action and then block its escape path using a shovel or similar object to slice through a portion of the tunnel. This can be incredibly complicated and still requires catching the mole in a live trap afterward or picking it up with gloves and transferring it. After this, you would still have to relocate the animal.

If you aren't sure what to do with a mole on your property or don't feel confident killing it yourself, you can also hire a professional to help you. They should be able to quickly assess your property and make suggestions for prevention. Their experience also allows them to quickly determine which mole tunnels are still active and pick the ideal spot for a trap.

Preventing The Mole
Although killing moles is the best way to get them off your property if they are already there, prevention is ideal. This prevents the need to kill an animal and means that your beautiful lawn or garden will never be uprooted by an animal digging a tunnel.

If there is a specific area you do not want the mole to enter, then try placing a fence around it or using rocks. You can bury rocks at strategic spots in the ground down to a depth of about two feet as this will get in the way of moles' potential tunnels. If you install a fence, make sure it goes at least six inches above the ground and two feet below the ground since moles are excellent diggers. You can also try to change the soil on your property in specific areas so it is less hospitable to grubs, earthworms, and other mole food sources. Try to reduce the moisture content or use a natural insecticide.

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