How To Get Rid Of Moles

Among gardeners, moles are one of the least-desired animals to have around and they can do damage to anyone's lawn. Since moles spend all their time underground, they create a trail of tunnels and hills wherever they go, ruining an otherwise beautiful landscape. Trapping is the most effective way to get rid of moles, but there are also some other options. The best idea is to take preventative action so you don't have to worry about these critters in the first place, but there are still things you can do if you don't think about it until it is too late.

Underground Fences As Prevention
Moles are excellent diggers, which shouldn't be a surprise considering they spend all of their time underground. Because of their digging abilities, a typical fence will not be enough to keep a mole out of a specific area. Instead, you will need to bury it underground, ideally two feet deep. This is a very effective method of keeping moles from entering an area in the first place. However, it works best for small areas of land since it simply isn't practical to bury a fence around your entire home and could be challenging to set up your gate.

Repellents As Prevention
Another way you can try to prevent moles so you never have to get rid of them is by using repellents. There are dozens of options available, but unfortunately, none offers great results. If you want to at least give repellents a try, you should consider a homemade option, such as a solution of dish soap and castor oil. By selecting a homemade repellent as opposed to a store-bought one, you can ensure there are no toxic chemicals and will save money so you aren't as disappointed when it doesn't work.

Soil Prevention Tips
A final preventative method that will stop you from having to deal with moles at all is to take care of the soil. Moles prefer slightly damp soil since it is easier for them to dig through with their webbed paws. By watering your lawn less often, you can reduce the dampness of the soil, discouraging the animals. To make this preventative method even more effective, it also discourages earthworms and grubs from living in the soil. Since these are the main food source for moles, minimizing their presence will make your property less appealing. You can even mix some larger rocks into your soil so the moles can't dig through it.

Flooding The Tunnels
You may not have even thought about preventing moles until it was too late and they already made tunnels all over your property. When this happens, you will have a few main ways of getting rid of them. Although moles like damp soil, they don't enjoy it when their tunnels are soaked in water. Because of this, some people suggest simply watering the ground above the mole's tunnel or sticking your hose inside. At the same time, you can gently stop on top of the tunnel to close it up. If water doesn't take care of the issue, you can mix castor oil, cayenne pepper, biodegradable dish soap, and water and use this instead. The mixture of castor oil and pepper will stick to the mole, making it uncomfortable without hurting the animal. In other words, it encourages the mole to leave.

Any expert will tell you that the absolutely best method of getting rid of moles is to use a lethal trap. There are several types of these, such as spear traps, scissor traps, and body grip traps. If you choose to use a trap, always pay close attention to where you set it up as you want to place it in an area where the mole is active. You should also double check you select an effective trap so the mole dies instantly or as close to it a possible as this will be the most humane.

If you plan on using a trap, you will need to keep pets and children in mind. Since neither will know what to do around the trap, they can be easily injured. Trapping a mole also requires removing it and disposing of the carcass. Because of this, combined with the importance of placing the trap in the right spot, many people choose to hire a professional to help them.

Consult A Professional
In the case of mole problems that you aren't sure how to deal with, one of the easiest options is to simply hire a professional. They will be able to evaluate your property, determine whether you just have one mole on the land, and decide the best removal method. As mentioned earlier, it makes sense to have a professional set up the mole trap for you since they have the necessary experience to choose the ideal location and will know how to safely and legally dispose of the animal.

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